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Natalie and I took her youngest sister (as a high school graduation present) and her mom (as a mothers day present) to see Loreena McKennitt...

We started off at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln. The current exhibit was abstract art and the evolution of how the particular artists approached it. We spent a couple hours there going through the museum and wandering around the sculpture park. There are always new items in the park, so it's always nice to walk around, especially on a day like we had. Then we headed to McCormick & Schmick's for dinner. I had sashimi ahi, with some pickled ginger, cucumber relish. Very nice, and I was more full than I thought after 6 pieces of tuna.

The show itself was great. I only knew a couple of songs, but I won't kick her out of my random playlist as habitually as I had before. I'm not into the whole Secret Mind Powers bit, but the music was really good. Some of it (really just the electric guitar solos) was kind of Whitesnak-ey, and the drums sometimes sounded like they were going to start into "Something in the Air Tonight", but I really got the sense of her researching and molding different types of music together. All 10 musicians were active at points and there was a real sense of balance and that nothing was just a background instrument. A good summation, for me, and I mean this with all love, would be "Y Kant Tori Read goes Mediaeval on your ass". The Wang Center (panorama)was the perfect venue for such music, and it really made it a full experience, moreso than say the Orpheum or Harborlights.

We finished the evening after the show at Finale for dessert and we all tried some of each others. I got a molten chocolate cake, Natalie had something with apricots which looked very sugary. Looking at the menu, looks like Apricot Cinnamon Paradise. Mom had Manjari Mousse and sister had Caramel Carnivale. That place is indescribably good, so I am going to give up before I try.

Fun night, I don't know why I always kicked her out of my playlist, while leaving things like MSG and Mediaeval Baebes, but I did. I think I was worried about it being like Celtic Woman, who, while it was a nice show, aren't really my thing.

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