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This kid is too close to the edge with me.

Read my Gnome hate thread to someone at work who may get his ass kicked for suggesting I install the entire DE...

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Bunch of savages in this town

I've become used to our lawn sprouting all sorts of crap, soda bottles, McDonalds bags and trash, but this is different. Yesterday, someone placed a shopping cart on my lawn. I say "placed" because it was inside a short chain (not chain link, like, a chain that runs between posts, it's not as bad [quite] as it sounds), in the middle of the fences run. So if it had been blown over it, it would have fallen over on its side, so it was either lifted and placed or pushed around the end to the middle of my lawn.

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Fool me once...

Shame on me, fool me twice, FUCK YOU FREEBSD.

Now it has successfully killed both a desktop AND a laptop without even starting to install. That is some kind of record. If I ever meet Bill Joy, I'm going to punch him in the spleen.

/still love vi, don't hate me Mr. Joy
//And that whole TCP/IP thing, I guess I wouldn't have a job otherwise...
///blah who to blame...who to blame...Jordan Hubbard. Fuck you Jordan Hubbard.
////I'm sure it's just a bad CD, right? RIGHT?

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Hey, Thanks FreeBSD Installer!

I'd been looking for a way to turn a running Linux machine into a worthless piece of scrap metal, I just couldn't figure it out myself, thanks for helping.

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Why do I do anything?

Looking homeless does not help you when you're standing in Best Buy trying to buy a thousand dollars worth of monitors. I stood around for 25 minutes before getting anyone to tell me they were out of Samsung 204b's. Fuck. It only took 5 minutes to get the same answer at Circuit City, and 3 minutes at CompUSA. Generally, today was a fucking waste. Got home at 2:30a, to sleep at 3:00a, then a page an hour for the next 9 hours until I gave up on sleeping.

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Poo Candy

For the last few days, the mens room at my office has smelled as if someone took a shit in a gumball machine. I think they changed the auto-spray air freshener crap, and then someone decided to start a fight with it, and the air freshener is losing badly.

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TKK + Cylab at Axis

[music | Bauhaus - She's in Parties]

LJ ate my entry from last Friday when everything was fresh. I remember being much less complementary of TKK, but I really was glad I went.

So last Friday we saw My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and Cylab at Axis. I did this against the better judgment of Those Who Have Gone Before.

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Former President Bill Klinton uses Voagra!

This is my new second-favorite spam:

Everybody knows the great sexual scandal known as "Klinton-Levinsky".
After the relations like this Klintons popularity raised a lot!
It is a natural phenomenon, because Bill as a real man in order not to
shame himself when he was with Monica regularly used Voagra.
What happened you see. His political figure became more bright and more attractive.
It is very important for a man to be respected as a man!

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Back to Bermuda

[music | DJ Nutz - Crosseyed Potato Nuts mix]

I'm booked back to Bermuda between Thursday and Monday next week. Different hotel though, directly next door to the last place. This likely means "no more gourmet food for me", but I guess we'll have to see.

I'm going with my boss and 2 other very new coworkers, I guess we'll have to see how that goes also.

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Room Service Ahoy

Yaargh mateys, 'tis time for some roomservice fit for a pirate. My boss and I decided against walking around in gale force winds to find a restaurant, and I knew no one in their right mind would seat me in the hotel restaurant, so I ordered room service and watched Good Eats instead. I was surprised.

This is justification after someone (British no less) made fun of my canapes last night...

I don't eat meat, it has been a year since I've had even chicken. I decided not to tempt fate too much and just ordered (safety) chicken, I wasn't disappointed.


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