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Once again with security Spam

Why can't we pay attention to FB hacking warnings?

People do hack FB profiles, it happens every day. They often do it by inducing the target user into clicking a link that can steal their login information in any number of ways. This happens. It's a Big, Bad Internet, and in all likelihood at some point you will:

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Hey Hey RSA

Today I got a customer satisfaction survey from EMC. It was specifically about RSA and how we like their products and the company in general. Cynically, I have to believe that it's not entirely a coincidence that they did this survey during BlackHat & DefCon because, well jeez maybe because half of the people receiving this aren't even in their home fucking state? There was a comment field to one of these asking "why do you feel this way".

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Imelda May @ Brighton Music Hall, 7-30-2011


Misfits - Hollywood Babylon

[music | Misfits - Hollywood Babylon]

[Also-music | Elvis Presley - Blue Suede Shoes]

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Soundgarden @ Great Woods, 7-10-2011

[music | Sleater-Kinney - Modern Girl]

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London trip in a nutshell, Day 1

People noticed I seemed kind of testy for on-vacation-guy last week, here's why.

We got to the hotel at 10:30am, so effectively 5:30 EST. Our room wasn't done,so we walked around and waited for my mom's plane to land. We didn't want to get too far from the hotel in case my mom showed up, which she kept not doing, so we started to get kind of worried. Around 1 we decided to just hang out in the lobby and wait for the room. I slept, Natalie walked around some more.

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Jeff Beck & Imelda May at the Wang Theatre

[music | Big Black - Grinder]

This was a whole show of constant highlights. I got to hear Jeff Beck play Train Kept A-Rollin' for fuck's sake. That's pretty high on the list of impossible things that can never happen. The show was really like watching Marty McFly invade the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. An excellent rockabilly band, and then this monster guitar hero comes in and changes the future.

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Yay Yay RSA!

The key point I took away from RSA's communications today is that all implications are that it's likely their token seed database was taken and that token codes are predictable, and may be able to be matched to customers.

They didn't say this, clearly, but every action they suggest to mitigate risk points to the fact. The mitigation steps they give are:

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The Pogues @ The Shithouse of Blues

I don't generally write much about shows anymore, but the Pogues, well, they're special. Thanks to being at the Concrete Abomination of Lansdowne Street there are no photos.

We saw them a few years ago back when this was still the Avalon, and allowed things like going outside to smoke, and where they believed in the comfort of their patrons and provided us with a nice springy not-concrete floor to stand on for 5 hours.

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Help me kill this window

I have a bash script on my work Mac which creates an ssh tunnel to my home machine, then runs the Mac VNC client so I can VNC home without opening VNC externally. All this works great with key based auth and stuff for the ssh session, so I just get a login prompt for the VNC session and I'm on my way.

At the end, I try to have it clean up after itself, I've tried using waits and then killing the PIDs associated with things like the tunnel, so when Screen Sharing closes, it tears down the SSH tunnel.

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Two Wanda Jackson Shows

[music | Th' Legendary Shack Shakers - Bullfrog Blues]

We saw a rather short show with Wanda Jackson at the Royale last night. Unfortunately she has been playing pretty much a show a day for the last couple of weeks, and her voice was pretty well shot. The audience still loved her though, even though it was a shortened set, and it seems they're going to work out another date as a make-up show. Chances are good that whatever date they pick we'll either be out of town or have another show booked, we will see though!

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